Concerns of interest for building maintenance and management

Areas of concern for savvy building managers can generally be divided into:

  1. Building condition issues
  2. Hazardous materials issues

1. Building Condition Issues

  • Structure: foundations, pillars, steel elements
  • Roof: insulation, leaks, etc.
  • Slab: fissuring, upheaval, etc.
  • Mechanical equipment: ventilation, elevators, etc.
  • Exterior elements: brick, cladding, etc. 4-storey+ façades must be inspected
  • Exterior flatworks: parking, sidewalks,
  • Multilevel parking structures must be inspected regularly, by law
  • Environmental liabilities related to soil issues are a paramount consideration in selling or buying buildings

SOLROC can assist building managers with:

  • Property condition assessment (PCA), to help establish maintenance cost
  • Façades and multilevel parking inspections, to comply with Quebec "Régie du bâtiment" stringent rules
  • Environmental studies
  • Slab and foundation assessments

2. Hazardous Materials Issues

  • asbestos-containing materials (ACM) : asbestos is found in abundance of pre-1999 buildings
  • lead: is found in older paint, pipe soldering, batteries, etc., a concern whenever sand-blasting is considered
  • silica: is found in concrete, tiles, roughcast, etc., only a concern upon demolition
  • mercury is found in neon lights, thermostats, contact switches, etc. these must be replaces
  • polychlorinated biphenyls: in transformers, oil, wires, etc. (PCB), to handle with care
  • radon: found in approximately 10% of buildings in Québec, old or new, a lung cancer risk, far more important than asbestos
  • COV, formaldehyde: in solvents and insulating foams - but usually the tenant's result of spraying paints, printing or using copiers
  • Mold enhancing moisture: leaks, infiltrations or condensation that will often lead to mold issues under certain conditions


Depending on the use of the building, other specific substances may put the dwellers at risk:

  • Acrylonitrile: found in plastic plants and chemical products manufacturing
  • Arsenic: in mining processes and in some herbicides (golf courses)
  • Benzene: mostly in combustion engines or in organic chemistry
  • Cokeoven emissions: in coal plants
  • Ethylene oxide: in sterilisation processes
  • Isocyanates: paper, textile, in polyurethanes
  • Vinyl chloride: in chemistry and in PVC manufacturing

SOLROC is providing clients with:

  • Asbestos compliant inspections and Registers (for sprayed-on and pipe insulation with asbestos)
  • Pre-demolition asbestos characterization (CNESST Compliant)
  • Pre-acquisition asbestos appraisal
  • Air quality assessment, compliant with IAQA (Indoor Air Quality Association) standards
  • Mold studies
  • Designated Substances Surveys and other Hazmat investigations
  • Radon inspection and mitigation