Building Hygiene : our solutions

Find out about our support in terms of building sanitation and building hygiene.

Viruses, spores or mold, asbestos fibers, pyrite, pyrrhotite, radon and foundation or water infiltration issues are some of the major concerns expressed by managers of commercial, public or rental buildings.

SOLROC mobilizes its tools and expertise to provide a complete analysis of your building’s sanitation and hygiene status.

> Analysis and Optimization of Air Exchange Systems
> Fungus Amplification Tests (Indoor Hygiene)
> Infrared Imaging
> Identification Tests for Allergenic or Toxic Species
> Surface Tests
> Air Testing – Pollutant Characterization
> Plans for Mold, Bacterial or Viral Remediation and Asbestos Removal
> Building Health
> Control During Remediation
> Prevention of Intrusive Gas in New Buildings (Radon, Moisture, Hydrocarbons, Etc.)
> Inspection of Industrial, commercial or residential Roofs using Drone and Infrared Imaging


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