Detection of asbestos, mold, and other toxic elements


Identication of all the possible sources of asbestos and daily polarized asbestos fiber counting tests.

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Asbestos fibers in their natural state.

Mold and Air Quality

Detection of mold and allergenic or toxic species on surfaces and in the air.

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Air quality problems are not always apparent.


Radon can be found in higher concentration in buildings and accumulates.

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Radon extraction system under the slab.

Iron Ochre

If your drains or pipes are partially clogged or if your water is cloudy and colored, it is possible that iron ochre deposits are responsible.

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Ferrihydrite precipitate from coal mine water.
© Jerry Bigham - CC BY-SA 3.0

Noise Studies

Whether it's regarding noise control measures on building sites or close to railways, SOLROC can provide you with effective solutions.

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Noise is omnipresent on construction sites.

Deleterious Materials

Those substances are often found in materials and objetcs as drywalls, thermostatic switches and paint.

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Old transformer containing PCB
© Sturmovik - CC BY-SA 3.0