Detection of mold and allergenic or toxic species on surfaces and in the air

Mold and air quality

SOLROC possesses the tools and expertise required to provide its clients with accurate information with regards to building hygiene.

Mold has become a major concern for managers of commercial, public or rental buildings:

SOLROC has infrared thermography imaging equipment that allows us to locate zones of abnormal moisture within the building envelope.

Amplification tests (indoor hygiene)

Mold and spores are ubiquitous in the environment. An amplification test is used to determine if quantities, type and environmental species are problematic. This test determines whether spores that are naturally present in the immediate environment find substrate, humidity and temperature that allows them to proliferate in the studied sites.

The presence and danger of strains that are present only on the interior the building is assessed. If necessary, several indoor and outdoor air samples will be retrieved. This test is carried out at the request of the CNESST or the Régie du bâtiment du Québec in order to determine whether a room is suitable for construction workers to carry out the required work.

Mold stain on a wall.

Sampling system for air quality.

Airborne bacteria measurement system.

Identification tests of allergenic or toxic species

Depending on their type and species, mold and bacteria can be classified according to their degree of harmfulness or risk of allergy.

SOLROC can provide the expertise that will allow you to decide whether the premises are habitable and the health risk involved for the occupants.

Surface tests

SOLROC can count colony forming units (CFUs) and measure the performance of fungal decontamination processes before and after fungicide intervention.

Mold species are also identified and their harmfulness assessed. SOLROC can also determine the degree of humidity of materials, including floors, and their compliance with various targeted uses.

Other air tests

SOLROC can perform other complex air tests that its clients require: volatile organic compounds (VOCs), carbon monoxide, dust, asbestos, etc. SOLROC interprets the results according to current standards and guides its clients towards a solution for their air quality dilemmas.

Plans and test for fungal decontamination

SOLROC may propose fungal decontamination plans in accordance with the New York Protocol or other applicable standards (CNESST, IRSST , EPA , City of Montreal , etc.).

SOLROC also monitors Fungal decontamination works and carries out follow-ups to the decontamination works. SOLROC also offers innovative solutions in terms of building health, in particular in terms of protection against moisture and/or humidity and the durability of fungal decontamination.

SOLROC can perform the daily and final air tests required by the CNESST in the context of fungal or asbestos decontamination work.