Identication of all possible sources of asbestos and daily polarized asbestos fiber counting tests

Characterization of asbestos-containing materials

SOLROC offers its customers a wide range of services related to the presence of asbestos in a building, whether to secure a buyer or a financial institution, to identify sources of asbestos for preventive purposes or to transform and / or demolish an existing building.

The characterization of asbestos-containing materials makes it possible to identify all the possible sources of asbestos present in a building, for example, in the context of a real estate transaction or renovation work.

Straight section of asbestos insulation.

Asbestos wall in a boiler room.

Pre-demolition or pre-stripping asbestos study

Prior to stripping or demolition work, the CNESST requires that a pre-demolition or pre-stripping asbestos study be provided if the building was constructed prior to May 20, 1999.

Regulations regarding the sampling of materials or products likely to contain asbestos (MSCA) recommended by the CNESST are applied.

Daily polarized asbestos fiber counting tests

The CNESST requires that all asbestos decontamination sites be monitored by carrying out daily polarized asbestos fiber counting tests, in the work zone and in the related sas, for each shift.

It is also recommended that a final air test be carried out prior to the dismantling of the temporary partition walls.

SOLROC has the experience and the tools to support its customers in the various fields related to asbestos. SOLROC is familiar with the CNESST inspectors requirements and has a reputation for excellence in the field.