If your drains or pipes are partially clogged or if your water is cloudy and colored, it is possible that iron ochre deposits are responsible.

These viscous deposits on the walls of the drains or pipes are of bacterial origin, and come from a concomitant chemical reaction caused in iron-rich soils, typically clays.

SOLROC Group can conduct a pipeline inspection with a fiber-optic camera for a first diagnosis. Subsequently, SOLROC can take water and sediment samples to detect "iron bacteria", assess pH (acidity) and calculate ferrous, ferric and total iron.

Corrective solutions adapted to the client's situation are then developed by the engineering department of SOLROC Group.

SOLROC Group remains your one-stop shop for building hygiene solutions.

Ferrihydrite precipitate from coal mine water.
© Jerry Bigham - CC BY-SA 3.0