In Quebec, multi-level parking structures are regularly subjected to the harmful effects of frost-defrost cycles, de-icing salts, and various other abrasives.

Multi-level parking structure.

Consequently, the RÉGIE DU BÂTIMENT DU QUÉBEC requires that property owners periodically verify and maintain all parkades in which at least one (1) level is structural and not on grade. Loading docks, access ramps and exterior parking areas can equally be subjected to the same regulations and/or requirements.

All parking structures must be maintained in such a way as to be exempt of all deficiencies that can possibly compromise its security and/or contribute to the development of a dangerous condition.

Detailed verification and/or assessment by an engineer

The property owner must obtain a detailed verification and/or assessment report prepared by an engineer every 5 years showing that a dangerous condition is not present in the parking structure, and if present, recommendations to correct any defect that may contribute to the development of a dangerous condition. The first assessment and/or verification must be carried out, at the latest, by March 18, 2016.

SOLROC is qualified and equipped to evaluate the nature and extent of structural damages to a multi-level parking structure. SOLROC services include all aspects of the assessment and/or verification of the condition of the parking structure including sample retrieval, laboratory tests, chemical analysis, sounding, and preparation of the related report.

The report produced by the engineer must contain the following information, among others:

  1. The results of the verification of all structural elements: characteristics of the concrete, state of the corrosion activity of the steel reinforcements, description of the defects and/or deficiencies that may contribute to the development of a dangerous condition and their causes;
  2. The location of the defects and/or deficiencies observed;
  3. The description of the remedial works required as well as a recommended time frame in which all required work should be carried out;
  4. A summary of the report confirming that the parking structure does not present a dangerous condition, and if it does, stating that necessary recommendations have been communicated to the property owner.

Verification of all structural elements.

Frequency of the detailed verifications and/or assessments

The owner of the parking structure must obtain a detailed assessment and/or verification report of the said parking structure between 12 and 18 months following the construction of the parking structure.

If the parking structure is more than 1 year old and less than 5 years old by March 18, 2013, a report must be produced before March 18, 2014. This verification is, however, not required in the case where the engineer responsible for the monitoring of the construction of the parking structure had already produced a report that meets the same requirements as those specified for a detailed assessment and/or verification.

If the parking structure is more than 5 years old, the property owner must obtain a verification report in the 3 years following March 18, 2013.

The property owner must then carry out a detailed assessment and/or verification report every 5 years following the initial verification report. An assessment and/or verification report must also be carried out following any incidence that may have had an effect on the structural integrity of the parking structure.