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Have your properties tested for radon

Radon is the leading preventable cause of lung cancer as per Health Canada statistics. About 10% of buildings in Quebec will exhibit radon ratings above the Health Canada intervention threshold (200 becquerels/m3). With such levels and above, it is recommended to REDUCE radon entry into the building.

SOLROC can both test and fix radon issues.

SOLROC provides you with a professional evaluation of the radon related risk in your buildings. If there happens to be an excess of radon in your building, SOLROC is fully qualified to help you getting rid of it.

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How radon enters your home


Radon is a radioactive gas that is formed naturally by the breakdown of relatively abundant uranium in soil, rock and water. Radon is colourless, odourless and tasteless.

Almost all homes have some radon. The levels can vary dramatically even between similar homes located next to each other.

Because there are so many factors, it is not possible to predict the radon level in a building or home. The only way to know for sure is to test.