Alliance Solroc – DEC Enviro

DEC Enviro, specialized in environmental engineering, geotechnics, materials engineering, hydrogeology, and building sciences, is joining the French group Fondasol, which includes Solroc since 2020.

Multi-expertise approach, complementarity of skills areas, technical expertise, and human values are vectors of a shared vision between our companies, enabling us to share this great announcement today!

Enhanced service offerings and new geographic dynamics

The integration of DEC Enviro within the Fondasol Group and the collaboration between DEC Enviro and Solroc contribute to strengthening the multi-expertise approach and service offering of the Group in North America, to meet the growing needs of Canadian and American markets.

The complementarity of resources, expertise, and business sectors between Solroc and DEC Enviro will allow us to respond to public procurement calls in North American markets, including the United States, amidst a favorable environment for major infrastructure projects and urban renewal initiatives.

Among the joint technical skills of Solroc and DEC Enviro, aimed at public and private sector stakeholders, are geotechnical, environmental, and hydrogeological engineering, from investigations to structural design, environmental site monitoring, quality control of materials, and building sciences.

Accelerating decarbonization and innovation projects across two continents

This collaboration will also accelerate the deployment in North America of the extensive innovation and decarbonization program developed by the French Fondasol Group, aimed at placing critical thinking at the heart of the engineering profession and moving towards greater energy efficiency.

Central to this program:

  • Digitization of the engineering chain, from investigative phases to structural design and construction monitoring, focusing engineers’ value-added on optimizing proposed solutions.
  • Development of decision support solutions directly used by clients or collaborators, leveraging geostatistics, algorithms, and artificial intelligence.
  • Creation and design of a lightweight, connected, electric, and ergonomic geotechnical drilling workshop.

Injecting our governance project internationally

The governance of the Fondasol Group is based on a unique model: majority employee ownership, in terms of capital and number of employees, directly involving employees in results and governance. This model gives the company greater freedom in strategic decisions, ensuring its independence and sustainability.

Like Solroc employees, DEC Enviro employees will eventually have access to this governance model, which is still uncommon in companies of the Group’s size.