Le Groupe Solroc

Welcome to Solroc

SOLROC offers the best expertise in environment, geotechnics, and quality control.

SOLROC is comprised of nearly sixty employees, including Professional Engineers, Geologists, and other scientists with various qualifications in Environment or Geotechnics.

Our team also includes a number of highly skilled lab and field technicians. Our multidisciplinary team has successfully completed thousands of projects across Quebec, Ontario, Eastern USA, and overseas. Our mission is to help our clients achieve their goals and complete their projects by providing reliable, cost-effective, and efficient solutions in the domains of :






We want to be seen as leaders in our field by providing personalized quality services, accountability, determination, and reliability.

Alliance Solroc – DEC Enviro

DEC Enviro, specialized in environmental engineering, geotechnics, materials engineering, hydrogeology, and building sciences, is joining the French group Fondasol, which includes Solroc since 2020. Multi-expertise…

Building Hygiene : our solutions

Viruses, spores or mold, asbestos fibers, pyrite, pyrrhotite, radon and foundation or water infiltration issues are some of the major concerns expressed by managers of…

We have used SOLROC several times and we are always satisfied. The work accomplished is up to our expectations.

Serge Labbé

Président - NATERRA