Whether it's regarding noise control measures on building sites or close to railways, SOLROC can provide you with effective solutions.

Noise is omnipresent on construction sites.

Noise has a real impact on our quality of life

SOLROC helps you plan your projects, whether it is to provide anti-noise measures for construction projects, to record vibrations during construction with seismographs, or to identify sources of noise pollution.

SOLROC delivers the required studies and sound recommendations.

Acoustical studies for buildings

Many municipalities, including the city of Laval, have adopted bold measures requiring contractors to develop acoustic barriers, as needed, prior to the building of their projects, particularly near railway lines.

Acoustic studies near railway tracks.

Acoustical studies next to railways.

Acoustical monitoring for civil works

Whether for noise control measures on building sites or vibration monitoring during piling or blasting, SOLROC remains attentive to its clients' needs.