Inspection of Multi-level Parking Garages

Inspection des stationnements étagés / Inspection of multi-level parking garagesAccording to a new (March 2013) Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) ruling, owners must have their building envelopes and multi-level parking structures inspected on a regular basis. They must proceed to urgent or permanent repair work to ensure safety of occupants and public.

These inspections must be done by either architects or professional engineers. One of the objective is to prevent loose components from falling, or parkings to collapse

Owners must also keep a maintenance record of the building attesting the safety of its components.

SOLROC routinely provide these services to its many clients.


Owners of residential or commercial buildings of five storeys and more are required to keep on their premises audit reports which must be updated each five years, starting from the 10th year of the actual building construction.  These audits consist in verifying exterior sidings, balconies, balustrades and other components of facades visually and tactily, performing partial dismantling or exploratory cuts whenever required.

Multi-level Parking Structures

Structural concrete slabs of multi-level parking structures must be thoroughly verified by a professional engineer each five year, starting between 12 and 18 months after construction.

SOLROC can provide this valuable service as well. SOLROC is experienced in dealing with the RBQ or with insurance companies as well.