Geotechnical Studies

Le Groupe Solroc - GéotechniqueProud of its 30-year experience, SOLROC offers its customers a wide array of services ranging from standard geotechnical studies to legal matters, and covering hydrogeology, technical investigations and foundations for civil engineering.

Geotechnical and geological investigation for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

  • evaluation of bearing capacity (ULS and SLS)
  • determination of seismic risk category
  • ground and rock characterization
  • rock and soil mechanics
  • data-gathering: drilling, penetrometer, Nilcon vane apparatus, pressurometer, etc.
  • soil description
  • laboratory tests on ground and rock samples
  • evaluation of acceptable bearing capacity
  • calculations of slope stability
  • plans for foundations
  • planning of infrastructure work such as pluvial or domestic sewers, bridges, viaducts, walls retaining structures, dams, roads, parks, etc
  • preparation of plans and specifications
  • supervision of installation work for buildings and parking drainage
  • planning of drinking water supply
  • liquid waste processing
  • development of communities deprived from public services
Le Groupe Solroc - Géotechnique

Engineering of shallow and deep foundations

  • special foundations for challenging construction projects, working closely with architects, engineers, contractors, municipalities and project managers
  • investigation of deteriorations causes, degradations and deficiencies over foundations (buildings or public infrastructure)