Environmental Site Assessment

SOLROC Group has got the right people and the best tools to provide its clients with an innovative and integrated approach to environmental assessment, to risk management study and to deliver integrated solutions to environmental problems.

Le Groupe Solroc - EnvironnementEnvironmental Site Assessment (Phase I, Phase II and Phase III)

  • Phase I Environmental Site Studies are carried out in accordance with CSA standards whenever financing or re-financing real estate properties
  • Whenever potential contamination is detected, one must further carry out an Environmental Site assessment (Phase II) including drilling, sounding and sampling
  • Whenever a property is subject to Environmental Quality Act (Law 72) due to “listed” activities operated on site, an exhaustive environmental characterization will quantify contaminants extension in soil as well as in underground water. Observation wells installed in selected boreholes will allow for water quality analysis and hydraulic gradient measurements.

Contaminated site remediation with conventional methods or with on-site treatment using bacterial biological biodegradation

Thanks to its subsidiary REMEDIASOL, SOLROC successfully contracted or supervised hundreds of environmental remediation projects. Both companies benefit from their special compact equipment for hard to reach enclosures.

  • polluted sites remediation
  • on-site treatment solutions (in situ and/or ex situ)
  • conventional remediation involving contaminated soils management by excavation and disposal in an agreed treatment center according to contamination levels as well as implementation of groundwater treatment unit, if required
  • mitigation solution with toxicologic and ecotoxicologic risk assessment study
  • proper budgeting according to the adapted methodology
  • preparation of timelines
  • work supervision end monitoring
  • liaison with government agencies
  • obtaining of relevant authorization certificates from provinces and municipalities

Hydrogeological studies

  • assessment of hydrogeological site properties
  • evaluation of contaminant migration risks
  • in-depth study of groundwater (flow direction, source and watershed)

Removal of underground storage tanks (UST)

  • localization of UST
  • contracting and coordinating removal operations
  • ground and soil sampling
  • contaminated soil management during removal operations
  • final report covering removal operations and soil remediation
  • remediation solutions and management services for underground or above ground storage tank leaks and surrounding soil contamination

Environmental licensing of industrial customers

  • preparation of environmental authorization certificates
  • links with government agencies

Environmental conformity audits

  • Industrial site environmental audits
  • definition of process conditions
  • assessment over the compliance of industrial processes with government regulations