Building Science

Services offered

  • Property condition assessment
  • Foundations inspection
  • Roof membrane water tightness examination
  • Inspection of structural concrete slabs and other structural elements
  • HVAC and electrical systems inspection
  • Expertise on latent defect causing structural problems, on faulty foundations, on vitiated construction materials, on deicing salt induced structural damages, or similar damages caused by sulphidation of aggregates or chemical reactions involving pyrite in concrete
  • Preparation of anticipated capital expenditures table within the short (1-2 years), medium (4-6 years) and long (7-10 years) term periods related to future repairs and/or replacements required regarding major building components
  • Fire protection system evaluation
  • Frontage inspection
  • Concrete slab inspection in multilevel parking lot

Asbestos and other hazardous material inventory (lead, Urea Formaldehyde Foam Insulation, Ozone Depleting Substances)

  • assessment of existing asbestos sources and other hazardous material in residential, commercial or industrial buildings
  • samplings and analysis of potential asbestos-bearing material
  • planning and specification of removal procedures
  • inspection and testing during removal

Air quality control assessment

  • mold research and identification
  • Radon test and mitigation plan
  • VOC and carbon monoxide detection